REDCAT Posters

Every year, the CalArts Graphic Design program screenprint posters for Roy and Edna Disney CalArts Theater REDCAT's contemporary visual and performing arts shows which are showcased in the Walt Disney Concert Hall complex in Los Angeles.

  • Client: REDCAT [Roy and Edna Disney CalArts Theater]
  • Design: Collaboration with Isaiah Montoya & Francesca Ramos
  • Year: 2013

Project 01a

Guillermo Calderón : Villa + Discurso

20”x 28”, 3-color screenprint
"Chilean director Guillermo Calderón’s lean, literary theater works are powerful explorations of political legacies distilled into tightly wrought drama. In this double bill, Calderón’s intimate and poetic language—demonstrated in the internationally acclaimed works Neva and Diciembre (seen at REDCAT in 2012 and 2011)—gives way to the cool complexities of public discourse. In Villa, three women gather around an architectural model of the Villa Grimaldi, a site where thousands were tortured and hundreds were “disappeared,” to debate the ideal adaptation of these blood-soaked facilities and grapple with a nation’s unwanted legacy. In Discurso, the same three actresses share the role of Michelle Bachelet, Chile’s recent president, to deliver an imagined farewell speech that abandons diplomatic parlance to reveal a leader’s aspirations, failures and humanity, amid the mechanizations of political life."

For the Guillermo Calderón : Villa + Discurso REDCAT Poster, Isaiah Montoya and I collaborated to create a poster that depict the performance of three women telling the story of thousands of people who were tortured at Villa Grimaldi. We researched about the history of the Villa Grimaldi and saw how they used mosaics to give the place an Italian villa feeling and built fountains that was used for mediation, and a rose garden for the fallen women. These imagery was used to symbolically represent the restoration and honor for the people who had passed away.

Project 01c

Elegiac Visions of Phil Solomon

20”x 28”, 4-color screenprint
“Phil Solomon is known for his image alchemy, manipulating existing and original footage to create evocative, dreamlike works that reveal subterranean depths in the imagery.” — Museum of the Moving Image

"Since 1975, Phil Solomon has been making films that magically penetrate the surface of images and reveal depths of new poetic meaning. Solomon’s 16mm films imbue prerecorded imagery with fantastical sensual and dimensional qualities. His recent work extends these concerns into the digital realm, creating haunting landscapes that reawaken the mysteries of life and death, and of physical reality and alternative states. Solomon presents two masterful films, What's Out Tonight is Lost (1983) and Psalm I: “The Lateness of the Hour” (1999), and four digital works, Innocence and Despair (2002), his tribute to 9/11, and In Memoriam (2005 – 09), a trilogy in memory of filmmaker Mark LaPore that mystically transforms backgrounds from the video game series Grand Theft Auto."

For the Elegiac Visions of Phil Solomon REDCAT Poster, Francesca Ramos and I collaborated to create a poster that evoked the haunting, yet nostalgic and poetic feeling of Phil Solomon’s films. The blue layer of imagery was all created by experimenting with cyanotype, a photographic printing technique using the sunlight for exposure.